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The experts at Carpet Clean Indy specialize in oriental rug cleaning, we use a safe green cleaning process that cleans and preserves the structural integrity of Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs.  Call 317-483-1166 to get a quote or schedule an appointment.  We serve rug cleaning customers in Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Noblesville and all areas within a one hour drive of downtown Indianapolis.

Our experienced oriental rug cleaning process makes the difference.

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Indianapolis Residential Area Rug Cleaning Services

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We use Old World Persian techniques matched with today’s best engineered treatments. Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification®

    • Area Rug and Oriental Carpet Pre-Cleaning Inspection
      To determine the various condition issues

      1. If a rug has wear and/or repair needs, these conditions may need to be addressed beforehand not to further damage your rug.
      2. Pet issues – Urine and Odor removal (These can only be removed with a heavy water flushing and the use of microbials.
    • Area Carpet Dusting
      Dry soil acts as an abrasive and can clog the backing not allowing the rug to breathe which can cause dry rot and premature wear. Your rug is placed upside down and is vibrated dislodging years of dirt.
    • Test of color fastness on Area Rug
      If dyes migrate, your once crisp brilliant design can become blurred. Approximately 20% of all Oriental rugs are bleeders. We use various ph enhanced shampoos to safely clean your rug.
    • “Pool Pit” Immersion of Oriental Carpet
      Your rug is laid flat (not bent which can lead to damage). It is then soaked in a proper ph balanced pool of water. A mixture of natural shampoo is added. The rug is then gently agitated with a soft bristle brush paying close attention to the pile then fresh water flushes the rug. This process is repeated over and over until your rug is dirt and odor free.
    • Post-treatment of Area Rug
      Sometimes the dirt on a rug will mask some stains.  After the immersion, all stains still showing are additionally worked on.
    • Rug Water Removal
      Excess water is squeegeed out and then power extracted out for a faster drying time.
    • Fast Drying Carpet Technique
      Your rug is dried using air movers in a controlled environment.
    • Post inspection of your Oriental or Area Rug
      We give the rug a final inspection to make sure it is ready for you.


Request a quote online, or call 317-483-1166. Carpet Clean Indy also specializes in 24/7 water extraction. We look forward to serving you in Central Indiana.


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